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In Harm’s Way: Using Safetyviz to Mitigate Onset Liability

The Entertainment Technology Center @ USC’s (ETC) short film “Ripple Effect” is focused on how Previz, Techviz and Safetyviz can help limit crew and cast to create a safer working environment. See the advanced techniques implemented during the film’s production, then stay for a Live Q&A to hear from key players on how it affected production. ETC leveraged virtual production, LED volume, and advanced game engine techniques implemented during the film’s production, including visualizing COVID-19 safety narratives for production teams.    

Erik Weaver
ETC Special Projects, Entertainment Technology Center @ USC,

Jamie McNeill
Freelance Creative/Line Producer, Key COVID Production Strategist

Ramy Katrib
CEO and Founder, 
DigitalFilm Tree

Andrea Aniceto-Chavez
Lead Producer, 

Greg Ciaccio
Creative Technologist, ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council Chair. Head of Post and Production Technologies – Ripple Effect

Catherine H.M. Shin
OTR/L, MBA, AMPS, CEAS, Doctoral Resident, Occupational Science Dissemination and Translation Initiative, USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy